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City: Kavaratti       State: Lakshadeep       Country: India
The administrative headquarter; Kavaratti is the most developed island. 52 mosques are spread out over the island including the most beautiful Ujra mosque. It has an ornately carved ceiling believed to be carved from a piece of driftwood. The Lagoon is ideal for water sports, swimming and there are sandy beaches for sun basking. Enjoy marine life exhibits at the Marine Aquarium, and a vast collection of specimens at the Museum. View the exotic underwater world without getting yourself wet, from the glass-bottomed boats. Hire water sports crafts like Kayaks and Sailing Yachts. Kavaratti is an idyllic island that is increasingly becoming popular with tourists. Tucked between the islands of Agatti and Andrott, Kavaratti is about 6km in length and 1km in breadth. The swaying coconut canopies, white beaches and crystal-clear lagoon invite you to a great experience. Kavaratti also offers excellent views of the other islands around it.

Climate | When to Visit

Visit during: October to April

Directions | How to Reach

By Air: One can reach Kavaratti by air from Agatti and Bangaram, where the airports are located. A helicopter service links Agatti to the other islands. By By Water: You can also take a cruise from Kochi to reach Kavaratti. During monsoons, ship-based tourism is closed but a helicopter service is available.

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