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Whakarewarewa's thermal valley and mud pools

City: Rotorua city       State: North Island       Country: New Zealand
One of the most active thermal areas in the strange landscape of Rotorua is the Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley, which hosts an eclectic selection of giant mud puddles, fumaroles, steaming hot pools, as well as the geysers of Geyser Flat. The appearance and behaviour of mud pools depends on the relative proportions of mud and water. In this valley, the mud is quite thick, and the successive bubble-bursts form concentric rings that disappear only very slowly, leaving a landscape of unearthly ridges. here are roughly 500 pools in the valley, many of which are alkaline hot springs. Their edges are encrusted with silica and steam rises over their blue waters, adding to the eeriness of the landscape. o the local Maori, who have lived here since the early fourteenth century, this area is where the fire goddesses Te Pupu and Te Hoata first came to the surface and the geysers hot springs and mud pools are caused by their breath.Locals say that each of the geothermal features here has its own personality and they can tell their moods from how they sound. The land here is continually changing and careful checks are made daily to see whether hot springs are emerging or new cracks are forming. As you walk, swathed in steam, between areas of bubbling mud, and watch water boiling from -under the ground, you will probably feel very glad that they do.

Climate | When to Visit

Visit during: January to December

Directions | How to Reach

By road or rail to Rotorua city.

miscellaneous | Important Information

You must keep to the marked paths.

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