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Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

City: Apia       State: N/A       Country: Samoa
In this part of northern 'Upolu, the reef is only a few hundred metres offshore, making this spectacular dive site - one of Samoa's best - easily reached from the access point at the secluded and pretty Vaiala Beach just east of the city harbour. Here, you can hire snorkels and goggles. Swimming over the reef and its multitude of fish at high tide, when you are less likely to step on the coral and damage it, you approach a dark circle in the water. When you reach it, you are greeted by a deep blue hole, full of bright, tropical fish and walled with colourful corals. In the hole, and on the reefs around, you will see starfish, sea cucumbers and sea slugs and clown fish. Moray eels hide out in holes among the coral, and while you will see farmed giant clams in cages, you might be lucky enough to spot wild ones as well. The coral-encrusted walls of the hole drop straight down into the depths.The reserve is also the site of a remarkable phenemonon in October and November of each year, when at the right phase of the moon, the Palolo reef worms release wriggling bundles of spawn that are a local delicacy.

Climate | When to Visit

At high tide when the weather is not rough.
Visit during: January to December

Directions | How to Reach

On foot from central Apia to Vaiala Beach, then swim.

miscellaneous | Important Information

Currents can be strong around the reef.

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