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Gorges of the Bras de Caverne

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The French island of Reunion lies some 650 km off Madagascar's east coast, close to Mauritius. About 65 km long and 45 km wide, it is a popular destination for adventurous tourists who arc; attracted by the prospect of exploring and trekking ill the spectacular mountainous region in the centre of the island. The gorges created from volcanic fractures, such as the bed of the Bras de Caverne river, have in the past made access to this region cult and, as a result, the tropical forests of giant heathers, ferns and lichens have been preserved, unlike those in the lower lying parts of I he island where they have, for the most part, disappeared.One of the biggest, and certainly the most famous and spectacular of gorges is the Trou de Fer. Over a distance of about 3.5km the Bras de Caverne River plunges down almost 930 m over three dramatic waterfalls and then winds its way yarrow canyon till it joins the Riviere du Mat on its way to the Indian Ocean. Considerable number of adventure sports enthusiasts, specially in France, have taken up canyonning in recent years and he Trou de Fer, which was only discovered in 1989, has become something of a 'destination' for them - albeit a very challenging one.

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Visit during: August to March

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By Air: Air Mauritius is the home carrier and operates a network of routes to the local islands and to international destinations in Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.By Sea: The common way to enter Mauritius is usually by plane, and even though there are vessels that arrive at the port they are mainly cargo ships.

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