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Lake Victoria

City: N/A       State: N/A       Country: South Africa
As well as being Africa's largest lake, Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world. It covers a vast area of some 26,560 sq mi. Like Africa's other two great lakes it lies within the Great Rift Valley, yet unlike them, it is relatively shallow with an average depth of 40 m.The lake is situated on the great plateau between the Wosie and Eastern Rift Valleys at a height of 1,134 rn above level. Most of its shoreline of 3,440 km lies within Uganda and Tanzania with a smaller part in Kenya. This is one the most densely populated regions in Africa, and the lake plays vital part in supporting the millions of people living in the man; towns and villages both on and close to its shores. Fishing, particularly for Nile perch and tilapia, provides a living for many along the lakeside; fish from Lake Victoria are exported all over' world, as well as being sold locally. There are 200 species of fish in be found in the lake, though the introduction of the Nik; perch in the 1950s has led to the extinction of some further 300 species of fish that had survived there for hundreds of years. As a result, Lafl Victoria could unenviably lay claim to having experienced the greatest mass extinction of vertebrates in modem times. Hippos and crocodiles were once numerous in the lake too but, their numbers are now much reduced as a result of pollution and over population by humans. There are over 3,000 islands in the lake, many of which are inhabited; the 62 islands that form the Sese archipelago are famous for their fishing both by locals and foreign tourists. The lake is also important for its transport - there are many passenger boats and rgo vessels that ply between the trading towns and villages lining e lake's shores.

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Visit during: March to December

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By Rail: There are daily trains to Dar es Salaam. These are often heavily booked up to 2-3 weeks in advance.By Road: There are daily buses going to and from Dar es salaam. Transport company "Scandinavia" is one of the best and reliable choices.

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