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Seven Mile Beach

City: George Town       State: Grand Cayman       Country: Cayman Islands
Seven Mile Beach (SMB) is a long crescent of coral-sand beach on the western shore of Grand Cayman island. The beach is world renowned for its beauty, recently receiving the honor of "The Caribbean's Best Beach" from Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. SMB is the most popular and in turn, the most developed area of Grand Cayman and is home to the majority of the island's luxury resorts and hotels. Despite the name, the beach is only about 5.5 miles (8.9 km) long and falls victim to annual erosion, which has reduced its size in some areas. However, it feels endless as you walk along this outstandingly beautiful stretch of shore, especially in the evenings when you can watch an amazing orange sun going down over the sparkling ocean, reflecting its colours in the darkening water. The whole beach is public property and you can walk its entire length unhindered. It has a completely relaxed atmosphere with few restrictions on behaviour; only nudity is forbidden. The unpolluted clear sea is superb for both swimrriing and snorkelling with many off-shore reefs to explore, teeming with radiant tropical fish among the corals. Seven Mile is the epitome of the ideal beach holiday. Although a consequence of its outstanding natural beauty is that it has become the most developed part of the island, this has its advantages in that there is something here to suit all tastes in the way of bars, restaurants, hotels and entertainment. There are extremely strict environmental laws to prevent the beach from being ruined by bunding development and it is so spacious that it feels remarkably uncrowded.The beach is world-renowned for its translucent aquamarine water, huge expanse of fine white sand, glorious sunsets, scented air from the Australian pines that grow in the hinterland and an ideal average winter temperature of 27°C (81°F).

Climate | When to Visit

The drier months of December to April are high season.
Visit during: January to December

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Scheduled flights to Owen Roberts International Airport.

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