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Blue Lagoon

City: Port Antonio       State: Portland       Country: Jamaica
Just outside Port Antonio, in the east of Jamaica, lies the beautiful swimming hole known as the Blue Lagoon. Almost surrounded by lush, tropical greenery and steep cliffs, and separated from the Caribbean Sea by only a narrow strip of land, it is thought to be the crater of an extinct volcanic cone, which now happens to be more or less at sea-level. Its blue and green, mineral-rich waters come from springs fed from higher up in the slopes of the Blue Mountain. In places the sides are steep, while in others the slope is shallow enough to allow you to walk into the lagoon. At their greatest depth, the waters are 56 m (185 ft) deep, and in places swimmers may feel warm or cold currents of water as they emerge from the springs: the warmer water is thought to have passed through rocks deep under the surface that are still warm from the last time the volcano erupted. Cooler currents may have passed through rock nearer the surface. In places, where the water is shallow, it can be seen bubbling out of the ground.Away from the hustle and bustle that characterizes other Jamaican attractions like Kingston, this secluded spot is a must for any visit to the island.

Climate | When to Visit

The climate is warm throughout the year, but the hurricane season runs from May to November.
Visit during: January to December

Directions | How to Reach

Along the A3 coast road from Port Antonio.

miscellaneous | Important Information

Don't miss the nearby Frenchman's Cove and Somerset Falls. There is a dive shop that rents out scuba gear and kayaks.

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