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Karapinar Crater Lakes

City: Anatolia       State: N/A       Country: Turkey
The area around Karapinar in south-central Anatolia is an ancient volcanic landscape, dotted with cinder cones, lava fields and craters. There are numerous lakes within the craters in the area and two of the best known are Aci Golii and Meke Golii (smelling lake). The former is beautiful, and at night sparkles with light, while the latter is blue-green and salty. In this dry area, they are both important sources of water for birds. The caldera in which Meke Golii sits was created millions of years ago in an eruption so massive that it caused the top of the volcano to collapse, while the eruption that caused the 1000 feet cinder cone in the middle is much more recent, occurring about 9,000 years ago. Everywhere you go in Turkey, you will see blue glass beads called Nazar Boncugu that ward off the evil eye and Meke Golii is said to be the country's own version. In a geologically active land, prone to earthquakes, people have long been aware of their surroundings: a wall painting at nearby Catalhdyiik showing a volcanic eruption has been dated to about 6200 BC. Although off the beaten track, these beautiful lakes are well worth a detour.

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Visit during: May to December

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Turkey's primary international gateway by air is Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport . Ankara's Esenboga Airport handles a comparatively limited selection of international flights.

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