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Port Louis

City: Port Louis       State: Mauritius (MAU)       Country: Mauritius
 Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. It is the largest city of the country and main port, which borders the Indian Ocean. It is located in the Port Louis District. The population is 147,688 (2003 census).Port Louis was founded by the French around 1735 as a revictualling halt for their ships travelling around the Cape of Good Hope, and was built by skilled Tamilian craftsmen from India around 1728. The Port is named in honour of King Louis XV. The first Governor was Count Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais. Capital and main port of Mauritius, Port Louis was founded by the French governor, Mahé de Labourdonnais, in 1735. The harbour lies sheltered in a semi-circle of mountains. The town has plenty of character, and shows in certain quarters of its past elegance. Off the main square, palm-lined Place d'Armes, there are some particularly fine French colonial buildings, especially the Government House (eighteenth century) and the Municipal Theatre, built around the same time. There are two Cathedrals, Anglican and Catholic, a Mosque, a chinese Casino, a fine Supreme Court, some 18th century Barracks, a Natural History Museum. Port Louis was founded in 1735 by A -a .At. Originally a stopping point so ships bound for India couldk n necessities, it became part of the British colony after the . I was seized in 1810. After slavery was abolished in 1834, the British ;ant in huge numbers of indentured labourers from China and, in Jar, the Indian subcontinent, and their descendants make up a - I art of the population, giving the island's culture and food a jnique mix.The landing-site for the labourers is now the UNESCO World ge Site of Aapravavasi Ghat. Another area by the port is the :. Waterfront, which is a popular meeting place for the young and s huge food court. Chinatown is a great place to shop and eat, while a Louis Bazaar is renowned for its cheap goods and is well worth ig some time rummaging round in search of bargains. Kadafi ss among the best places to seek out local delicacies. Among the many other historical buildings are the Port Louis tre, the Casernes Police Barracks, St Louis Cathedral and Fort as le. or La Citadelle, which was built by the British in the 1830s. It inates the city and - like the Signaux Mountain - is a great place to get an everview of the city. Even older is the Champ de Mars course.There are three museums, the Natural History Museum, the Blue Museum and the Mauritius Stamp Museum, 'side the city are the beaches and resorts, where visitors can ly lounge in the sun or enjoy the water sports in the warm, clear i - of the Indian Ocean.  

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Visit during: March to October

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By Air:-From the International Airport, head north-west and follow the signs "Port-Louis" (Port-Louis is at the opposite side of the island, at about two hours drive) .

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