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City: N/A       State: Amazonas       Country: Brazil
Manaus is a city in Brazil, the capital of Amazonas state. It is situated at the confluence of the Negro and Solimes rivers. Manaus belongs to mesoregion Center Amazonense and microregion Manaus. The city was founded in 1669 as the Fort of So Jose do Rio Negro. It was elevated to a town in 1832 with the name of "Manaus", which means "mother of the gods" in tribute to the indigenous nation of Manas, and legally transformed into a city on October 24 of 1848 with the name of Cidade da Barra do Rio Negro, Portuguese for "The City of the Margins of Black River". Only on September 4 of 1856 did it revert to its current name. At its height during the period when rubber was among the country's chief exports, it has several beautiful old buildings from those days, including the Mercado Municipal, which is a copy of Paris' Les Halles market halls, and the customs building. The highlight, however, is the Amazonas Opera House (Teatro Amazonas) a copy of the Opera de Paris with a gorgeous coloured dome outside and dripping with chandeliers inside. It also houses a small museum. The city has a wide variety of cultural events, including film, jazz, drama and opera festivals and is particularly known for October's samba festival. Late in the month is Boi Manaus, a local event in which Boi-Bumba music forms the basis of a celebration of northern Brazilian culture. The Rio Negro Palace is a cultural centre and theatre, built by German farmers. One curiosity here is the Museu de Ciencias Naturais da Amazonia (the Natural Sciences Museum), a private museum dedicated to the wildlife of the area, while live specimens can be seen at the INPA reserve. Manaus is a base for many tours of the Negro and the Amazon and the rainforest, which are just on the doorstep, from a few hours on the stretch near the city to three-week trips upriver. The CIGS Zoo is a place to see rescued animals, while there are good parks and reserves locally, such as the Bosque de Ciencia. The grounds of the Federal University of Amazonas include a massive urban forest.From wildlife to nightlife, and beautiful architecture to stunning rainforest species: Manaus has something to offer everyone.

Climate | When to Visit

The Boi Manaus annual festival - takes place on October 24th to celebrate the day that Manaus was granted city status.
Visit during: January to December

Directions | How to Reach

By Air:The Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes (Av Santos Dumont 1350) is 13km north of the city center. Smaller regional airlines may use a smaller airport (known as ‘Eduardinho’), about 600m east of the main one. Several airlines like TAM, Varig, Gol and COPA, plus smaller regional airlines to to various places from here. By Road:There are two federal highways connecting the city to the rest of the country. There is a paved road going North (BR-174) connecting Manaus to Boa Vista, capital of the State of Roraima, and to Venezuela. The BR-319 goes South connecting Manaus to Porto Velho, Rondnia.

miscellaneous | Important Information

Don't miss:A trip by boat or land into the Amazon rainforest - experience up- close the tropical birds, countless flowers, towering trees, reptiles and monkeys...a truly wondrous eco-system. The CIGS Zoo for rescued animals. A boat trip to Paricatuba Waterfall, situated on the Negro River. The Boi Manaus annual festival - takes place on October 24th to celebrate the day that Manaus was granted city status. Enjoy the singing, dancing, local cuisine, grand costumes and savour the Latino spirit. The Ponte Negra beach area.

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