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City: Barranquilla       State: N/A       Country: Colombia
Barranquilla, an industrial, portuary, and special district, is a city and municipality located in northern Colombia by the Caribbean sea. The capital of the Atlntico Department, it is the largest industrial city and port in the Colombian Caribbean region, and the fourth largest city in Colombia. It lies strategically by the delta of the Magdalena River, serving as port for river and maritime transportation. It is also known as the cradle of Colombian aviation and for its carnival. Known as La Puerta de Oro de Colombia (the Golden Gate of Colombia), Barranquilla is a port city built on a promontory where the River Magdalena flows into the Caribbean Sea. The city is without any clear origins but has its own unique cosmopolitan heritage of tolerance and a multi-ethnic mix entirely different from anywhere else in Colombia. More than 50 per cent of its population is second-generation immigrants, for Barranquilla provided a refuge for people fleeing from Europe in both World War I and II and more recently from the Middle East and Asia. The annual Carnaval of Barranquilla has a tradition dating back to the 19th century and is one of the world's largest street carnivals - reputedly only outdone by that of Rio de Janeiro, but with none of the associated commercialization. It is a four-day event before Ash Wednesday, which has been designated a UNESCO Patrimony of Humanity for being a 'masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity'. For several weeks beforehand the streets are filled with music and dancing as the carnival troupes come out to rehearse, and during the actual event the whole city goes wild. The cultural hotchpotch of music and dance is a wondrous spectacle of Caribbean revelry, and each year Carnaval becomes more spectacular.The natives of Barranquilla call their city 'Curramba La Bella', a wordplay that loosely translates as 'beautiful party', and refer to themselves as Curramberos (literally: party people). The spontaneity and warmth of the people here is infectious and, even when it is not carnival time, the city has an upbeat atmosphere of optimism and enthusiasm for the good things of life.Barranquilla's climate is Dry-Savanna (Aw); the climate is hot and with high levels of Relative Humidity though. Average temperature is around 28,4C (85F). Daytime temperature usually remains around 32C (90F). Nevertheless, from late November to early April, the trade winds more or less cool it to a more comfortable temperature during the day. During the evening and through the night the temperature can change due to the strong winds it receives. The rainy seasons are from April to June and from August to November, when some streets flood producing "arroyos" (streams) that can be very dangerous, given the lack of appropriate rain drainage in some sectors of town.

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Visit during: February to November

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By Air: The city's airport, the Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, receives domestic and international flights. Domestic flights are mainly operated by Avianca.By Sea: The port of Barranquilla is located by the Magdalena River, and accessible to ships coming from the sea thanks to dredge ships, that constantly make way for the ship canals, named Canal de AccesoBy Road: The main bus terminal is located near the southern edge of town, at the end of Murillo Street.

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