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Mexico City

City: Mexico City       State: N/A       Country: Mexico
Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. It is the most important economic, industrial, and cultural center in the country. Greater Mexico City (Zona Metropolitana del Valle de Mxico) incorporates 59 adjacent municipalities of Mexico State and 29 municipalities of the state of Hidalgo, according to the most recent definition agreed upon by the federal and state governments. Greater Mexico City has a population exceeding 22 million people, making it the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere and the second largest in the world by population according to the United Nations and other organizations. In 2005, it ranked the eighth in terms of GDP (PPP) among urban agglomerations in the world. Aside from Sao Paulo it is the only Beta global city with 8 points in Latin America and ranked 25th among global cities by Foreign Policy's 2008 Global Cities Index.Even after the damage of the 1985 earthquake, the historic centre of the city and the 'floating gardens' of Xochimilco to the south were deemed worthy of including on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and justifiably so. The centre has a unique mix of colonial and pre-Spanish monuments, which ought not to look good together, but somehow do.  The city is stuffed with museums which cover a wide range of subjects from archaeology to modern Mexican paintings and graphic arts. Particular highlights are the works of Frida Kahlo in the Museum of Modern Art, and the murals by her husband in the Casa Mural Diego Rivera. More of his work can be seen in the Palacio National (take ID). Popular places for tourists, in addition to the historic centre and Xochimilco, are Condesa and Roma and San Angel for food, nightlife and shopping, Chapultepec de Lomas for its tourist sights, Ciudadela for the craft market and Polanco for upmarket shopping and people-watching.The Chapultepec park houses the Castle of Chapultepec, now a museum on a hill that overlooks the park and its numerous museums, monuments and the national zoo and the National Museum of Anthropology (which houses the Aztec Calendar Stone). Another magnificent piece of architecture is the Fine Arts Palace, a stunning white marble theatre/museum whose weight is such that it has gradually been sinking into the soft ground below. Its construction began during the presidency of Porfirio Daz and ended, after being interrupted by the Mexican Revolution in the 1920s.

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Visit during: February to September

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By Air: Mexico City is served by Mexico City International Airport. This airport is Latin America's busiest and largest in traffic, with regular flights to North America, mainland Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Europe and AsiaBy Rail: Mexico City is served by the Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metro, an extensive metro system, which is the largest in Latin America.By Road: The city government operates a network of large buses, in contrast with the privately operated microbuses, with fares barely exceeding that of the metro.

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