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Brasília is the capital of Brazil. The city and its District are located in the Central-West region of the country, along a plateau known as Planalto Central. It is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As the national capital, Brasília is the seat of all three branches of the Brazilian government. The city was planned and developed in 1956 with Lúcio Costa as the principal urban planner and Oscar Niemeyer as the principal architect. When seen from above, the main planned part of the city's shape resembles an airplane or a butterfly. It is possible only to mention a few of the city's iconic buildings here: the Palacio da Alvorada, the official presidential residence, the National Congress, the Complexo Cultural da Republica on the Monumental Axis and the more recent Juscelino Kubitschek bridge over Lake Paranoa are among the highlights. However, the building considered by most to bethe best here is the cathedral. Also built by Niemeyer, the circular hyperboloidal structure represents a pair of hands praying. The television tower is the spot to head for to get an overview of the city, while the Ermida Dom Bosco offers views across Paranoa Lake and gorgeous sunsets. Other open spaces include the Parque da Cidade and Brasilia National Park.This young city, filled with stunning modernist architecture and public art, is a must-see for everyone.

Climate | When to Visit

Visit during: January to December

Directions | How to Reach

By Air:Many domestic flights make stopovers in Brasília, so it’s easy to catch a plane to almost anywhere in Brazil. Flights to Rio are 1½ hours; to São Paulo, one hour 20 minutes. By Road:From the train and long-distance bus station, due west of the city center, there are buses to places you’ve never heard of, but no trains. Bus destinations include Goiânia, Rio, São Paulo and Salvador. There are also buses to Cuiabá and Porto Velho. Buses run north along Hwy BR-153 to Belém, but the road around the Tocantins border can be impassable during the rainy season. Buses go to Pirenópolis and Alto Paraíso for access to the Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros.

miscellaneous | Important Information

Don't miss:The cathedral - the unusual shape of the building represents two hands reaching up towards heaven. A truly stunning building.The Poco Azul waterfall. Capada dos Veadeiros National Park - offers the best of Brasilia's natural fauna and wildlife. It also boasts crystal-clear springs and waterfalls that offer excellentbathing opportunities. Watersports on Lake Paranoa.

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