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St. Michael's Cathedral

City: Luxembourg       State: N/A       Country: Luxembourg
St. Michael's is a small cathedral located at the edge of the old city just before a large bridge and the Bock Casements. It is the oldest holy building in the city, dating from about 987. Throughout the past centuries, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times, and the current design was created in 1688. The stained-glass windows are impressive, and the architecture contains elements of Romanesque, baroque, and Gothic style. Stepping inside is like a cool hush away from the bustling city. Although not a key highlight of the city, it's worth stopping in on the way to visit the casements. Its current appearance dates to 1688, and unites Romanesque and Baroque architectural styles, pre-dating the national Moselle Baroque style. The building has been restored since then, preserving its original form; it has most recently been renovated in the 1960s, 1980s, and 2003–2004.

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Visit during: February to November

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By Air: The international airport, Findel, is 6km (4mi) east of the capital. The national airline, Luxair, flies to a number of European destinations, including Amsterdam, Athens and London. Other airlines fly to Cuba, Morocco, Russia, Tenerife and the USA.By Rail: Eurail, Inter-Rail, Europass and Flexipass are valid on Luxembourg's train system. Buses and trains connect the capital to all of Europe's major cities as well as many neighbouring towns and villages.By Road: The major automobile routes into and out of the Grand Duchy include the A4 to Brussels and Paris, the A31 via Dudelange to France and the A48 via Trier to Germany.

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