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City: Beja       State: N/A       Country: Portugal
Beja, history reaches back to the roman times, when it became a regional capital under Julius Caesar. Moorish arquitecture is visible in the cobbled streets and houses of the old town, and a castle from the 13th century reminds us of the struggle to keep the enemies them at bay. The castle overlooks the immense flat area of Alentejo one of the most important agricultural regions of Portugal. Beja is the capital of this beautiful and unspoiled region.All this considered, it's not surprising that Beja is dominated by an impressive 13th century castle that replaced fortifications previously erected by the Moors and Romans. The central keep is the highest in Portugal, at 40 m (130 ft). Climb the 197 spiral steps for a sensational view of the town and rolling tree-dotted plains beyond. One of Portugal's few remaining pre-Romanesque churches - the whitewashed St Amaro's - stands next to the castle.The beauty of Beja is in its undoubted sense of history, reinforced by the fact that it hasn't spread unchecked but remains an unspoiled and original place. Moorish architecture is visible everywhere in the cobbled streets. The city's cultural gem is the regional Museum da Rainha D Leonor. This is a national monument full of treasures, located in a former convent dating back to the 15th century, an impressive building topped with intricate Gothic lattice-work. The wonderful 7th century column carved with birds attacking a snake in St Amaro's Church. A slice (or two) of the city's tasty speciality - Pao de Rala, a cake-bread made with pumpkin. St Andrew's Chapel, whose main walls are entirely decorated with16th century tiles. The Arvore de Jesse, a wonderfully elaborate wooden carved work in the 13th century St Mary of the Market Church. Pizoes, an excavated Roman villa outside the city that was part of an important farming estate.

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Visit during: April to May

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By TrainBeja train station, with trains from/to Evora, Faro, Lisbon.By BusDaily buses departs from/to major cities.

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