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Market Church

City: Wiesbaden       State: N/A       Country: Germany
The Market Church of Wiesbaden was built in the year 1852-1862 by Karl Boos in the form of a neo-Gothic basilica. The west tower is almost 93 meters high, making it the highest building in the city. The church was the first all-brick building in the Duchy of Nassau. In front of the church, a statue commemorates William of Orange ("The Silent", 1533-1584). The infrastructure of the church is very attractive and worth watching.

Climate | When to Visit

Visit during: June to November

Directions | How to Reach

By Air: The nearest Airport is Frankfurt Airport (FRA). It offers many national as well as International flights to/from major cities of Germany.By Rail: Wiesbaden is very well connected by many highways coming from Frankfurt, Cologne or Mainz. Trains travel frequently and are very enjoyable. There are actually two train stations; one for city/regional trains, and one for regional/long-distance trains.By Road: Wiesbaden busses operate under the RMV Travel Network (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund). The Busses are easily available throughout the city.

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