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Himachal Pradesh

City: N/A       State: Himachal Pradesh       Country: India
Himachal Pradesh derives its name from the Sanskrit word, Himachal, which when split .means him (snow) and achal (unmovable) or "The Mountain State". About 350—7000m above the sea level and covering over 56,000 sq km of the Western' Himalayas, the state's terrain rises from the foothills of the Shivaliks, bordering the plains of Punjab, and extends to the trans-Himalayan heights of the Zanskar Range, bordering Ladakh and Tibet. The distinctiveness of this circuit lies in its medley of physical features. If in Shimla and Manali, you have snow-clad peaks, you can also see verdant valleys wrapped with green trees, in Kullu. Shimla has grown into a large, prosperous town from its earlier beginnings as Simla, the summer capital of the British. While much has undoubtedly changed and the town is far more crowded, much of the old charm remains. Kullu, at 1,200m is one of the most enjoyable Himalayan towns; Manali is even more attractive. It is an excellent base for treks and excursions. With over 60% under forest area, the state is also known as the fruit bowl and has a continuous supply for water from the numerous rivers that flows through it.

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The state has a great variation in climatic conditions owing to its great disparities in elevations between locations.Depends if one wants to get snowed or just want to escape the heat of the summers in plains.
Visit during: January to December

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