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City: Champaner       State: Gujarat       Country: India
Located at the foothill of the Pavagadh, Champaner is 50 km from in the State of . The complete hill is one amongst the oldest stone formations in and resembles a reddish-yellow shade. Pavagadh hill measures to a height 800 m and was once standing as a fortress of the Hindus under the regime of the Solanki Kings and later under the Khichi Chauhans. The fort was later taken over by Sultan Mehmud Begarah in 1484 and renamed as Muhammadabad. There are many temples dating back to the 10th, 11th, 13th and 15th centuries, all built in the Nagara style. The ruins are stretched over an area of 6 sq km at the foothills of Pavagadh. There are many ramparts on this hill, few begin from the hill top and end in the plains. These ramparts/fortifications are made of enormous sandstones, with intermediary citadels with striking balconies. Most of them stand in ruins and amid the ruins there are five mosques that are in excellent state. The most significant of them is the Jama Masjid that is positioned east of the regal area. The structures here speak highly of the Indo-Muslim architecture. This place speaks of the ancient Hindu, Jain styles of construction and temples and extraordinary water preserving systems collectively with its holy, military and farming formations. Champaner-Pavagadh archeological park has established a position in the list of world heritage sites declared by UNESCO in 2004.

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Visit during: October to March

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~ 50 Km from Vadodara.

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