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Fontaine Cantini

City: Marseille       State: N/A       Country: France
Fontaine Cantini, Marseille is a fountain that stands in the center of the square of Place Castellane. The fountain is one of hte most beautiful fountains of the city. This monumental fountain is presented to the city in the year 1911 by Jules Cantini and sculpted by Allar. Place Castellane is situated at the crossroads of Rue de Rome, Boulevard Baile and Avenue Jules CAntni and du Prado. Fontaine Cantini, Marseille showcases the journey of Rheine River from its source to its destination in the Mediterranean Sea.he top of Fontaine Cantini, Marseille has the statue of Marseille. The faces of the fountain provides the journey to the Mediterranean of the Rhine river. All the courses of the journey of the river from its source to the sea are depicted in the fountain. Jules Cantini was himself a sculptor, a monumental mason and patron.

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Visit during: April to September

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By Air:-From all major national and international destinations, flights are available to Marseille. Some of the well-known international airlines which provide inter-states and international flights to Marseille include Lufthansa, British airways, KLM, Delta Airlines, and Air France.By Rail:-Through rail network, Marseille is connected to major cities in France and Europe. Some of the popular cities with which Marseille is connected by railway networks are London, Brussels, Rome, Geneva, Madrid and Paris.By Road:-Marseille is connected to all major European cities via state motorways.

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