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Dublin Castle

City: Dublin       State: N/A       Country: Ireland
Dublin Castle was Built in 1204 by king John, Dublin Castle was built as a fortress suitable for administration and the defense of Dublin. Despite its function the castle never had to withstand a major attack, only minor battles in the Kildare Rebellion and the Easter Rising 1916. It was the center for British rule until 1922 when it was handed over to the new Irish Free State. The original building was built between 1204-68 on high ground in the city between the rivers Liffey and Poddle. It was also surrounded by high walls and a moat. After a fire in 1684 the building was largely rebuilt, with very little of the old medievil structure left.

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Visit during: March to October

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By Air:-There are scheduled nonstop flights from Britain, continental Europe and North America to Dublin and Shannon, and good nonstop connections from Britain and continental Europe to Cork.By Rail:-Dublin’s two main train stations Connolly Station and Heuston Station are vital hubs for the city transporting thousands of commuters and visitors to and around the city everyday.By Boat:-There are numerous services between Britain and Ireland but it’s definitely wise to plan ahead as fares can vary considerably, depending on the season, day, time and length of stay.

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