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Notre Dame d'Esperance

City: Cannes       State: N/A       Country: France
Notre Dame d'Esperance is a 17th-century Provencal Gothic church, which is best noted for its fine wood panelling and a collection of 19th-century paintings. It is situated on the top of Le Suquet Hill, it's worth taking some time to admire the wonderful views of Cannes and its bay. Saint Notre Dame d'Esperence is traditionally called upon by local fishermen to heal the sick.

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Visit during: May to September

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By Air: Nice International Airport is the nearest airport from Cannes, which is located at just 24-25 kms from the city. Almost all major airlines operate regular flights to Nice from cities across Europe. Travelers can also fly to Milan (Italy) and take high-speed coaches or cars to reach Cannes. Cannes is just 2 hours by flight from London, 7 hours from New York, 13 hours from Los Angeles, 10 hours from Toronto, and 25 hours from Sydney.By Rail: Cannes is located on the Marseille-Nice railway line and the city is connected to major cities across France and Europe by high-speed international trains. There are direct rail links to Paris, Basel, Brussels, Milan, Rome and Venice. Nice is only 30 minutes by train from Cannes.By Road: The Cote d'Azur region, which includes Cannes, Nice and St. Tropez is linked to the European network of motorways. The A8 Esterel motorway links Paris to Cannes (8 hours). From Nice, Exit 42 (Cannes Est) leads to Cannes. Cannes has two domestic coach stations that connect it to major cities of France by road. The Gare Routiere de Nice - the international coach station at Nice provides regular services to major European centers. Nice is only 30 minutes bus ride away from Cannes.

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