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St. Nicholas’ Church

City: Tallinn       State: N/A       Country: Estonia
St. Nicholas’ Church, Tallinn is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron of the fishermen and sailors. Originally, the church was built in the 13th century. A major portion of the church was destroyed in Soviet Bombing of Tallinn in the Second World War. After restoration, the St. Nicholas’ Church, Tallinn has been used as an art museum and a concert hall.St. Nicholas church boasts of one of the most interesting facades in Tallinn. It is a must-see site for visitors to the city. At first sight it looks haunted. Today, St. Nicholas’ Church houses a museum of rare medieval art, including some of the best of art in all of Estonia. The church museum is open daily. It offers student to visit the museum at a discount.Concerts are also held at St. Nicholas church throughout the year. At weekends this church holds chamber music concerts. The concerts are a big draw as the acoustics are in the church is second to none. St. Nicholas has undergone a number of renovations in its entire 700 year lifespan. Hence a variety of architectural styles can be noticed. The most recent renovation was carried out after the Second World War, when the church suffered during bombing raids.

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Visit during: March to November

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By Air:-Tallinn Airport is  about 5 km from the city center, Tallinn Airport  is increasingly becoming an airport hub of the Baltics. Estonian Air provides good quality services to a series of European cities, including London, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Riga, Vilnius, Kiev and Moscow. If you live in or near these cities, air travel is the best way to get to TallinnBy Rail:-There are limited train services to Latvia, Lithuania and Russia (Moscow by Go Rail. Therefore, train is not a good option to get into Estonia. If you're visiting from Russia, take the plane; if you're in Latvia or Lithuania, consider the bus; if you're in Poland, fly to a European hub and transfer to Tallinn, or catch a bus. A good opportunity is flying to Helsinki and then taking the ferry to Tallinn.By Road:-There are a series of fairly frequent bus routes that radiate out from Tallinn and serve other countries. These particularly go to Riga in Latvia, Vilnius in Lithuania, and Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federation (about €20 for an eight hour ride) as well as other parts of Estonia. Even though not always the best of comfort, they are usually much better than the train if you live in one of Estonia's neighboring countries. Increasingly, the buses are also servicing Russia, Germany and Poland.

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