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City: Gothenburg       State: N/A       Country: Sweden
Goteborg is Sweden's second largest city with about 770 000 inhabitants. It is situated on the west coast of Sweden at the mouth of the river  lacing the North Sea across the northern tip of Denmark, and was planned by Dutch engineers in the 17th century. Gothenburg then became a significant trading harbor and home to the Swedish East India Company. Heavy industry followed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, though this has declined with consequent economic and social problems. The city is now looking to high-tech industries and tourism, with considerable success.There are few reminders of the original town, which was largely built in wood. Exceptions are two fortresses - the Skansen Crown in the center, now a military museum, and the New Alvsborg Fort on an offshore island, a popular tourist attraction. There are splendid 18th century merchants' houses along the canals, including the East India House (now Gothenburg City Museum). The 19th century saw the introduction of Landshdvdingehusen, unique to Gothenburg. These 3 storey buildings have a ground floor built in brick and two upper floors in wood. The first one ever built was demolished as recently as 1975, which says something else about the city.Though the Landshdvdingehusen evolved to reflect increasing wealth and movements like Art Nouveau, Gothenburg - in common with much of Scandinavia - embraced modern architecture in the 20th century, often at the expense of the old. It is this progression and the pleasing mixture of architectural styles that gives the city its special visual character.Gothenburg's main street is known as Avenyn (The Avenue, though officially it's Kungsportsavenyn after a long-demolished city gate). It buzzes with life and is an excellent starting point for shopping, eating or simply relaxing in one of the many bars and cafes for which the street - and city -are famous.A striking building in Gothenberg's harbour area

Climate | When to Visit

The city has a maritime climate but winters are best avoided.
Visit during: March to October

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By Air:- Gothenburg's main airport, located 25 km east of the city. About 30 airlines fly to Landvetter ,Lufthansa ,Finnair, and City Airline By Train:-Trains from all different parts of Sweden arrive and leave from Centralization (tram Centralization/ Drottningtorget). International train services include Copenhagen via the resund bridge, and Oslo. Information and booking of train tickets at SJ By Road::-Trams are the most efficient way to travel within the city center, but if you'll planing to go further you'll need to go by bus. Bus lines heading in the same direction often departs from the same part of the city. No real equivalent thing to the tram stop Brunnsparken exists - they are divided into several "smaller" hubs, which you often reach by tram.

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