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Agonda Beach

City: N/A       State: N/A       Country: India
A 3 km stretch of white sandy beach along the south coastline, lies about 37 kms from the town of . It is the next beach after Palolem while you are driving towards Panaji from South. One of the most picturesque beaches in , Agonda is relatively desolate largely because of its distance from the main cities. The beach offers perfect isolation for nature lovers in search of true peace of mind. The small and secluded cove of white sand at the Agonda beach in is fringed with towering palm trees and casuarinas. A large hill lying to the south of the beach makes for an enchanting backdrop. The surroundings are peaceful and idyllic, the perfect place for beach lovers looking for complete isolation. At Agonda beach, you 'll just have the swaying palms, the spectacular beach, and the endless blue ocean before you. For the really adventurous tourists, noting can beat the lure of hiring a tent and camping for a night or two, and listening to the crashing of sea waves.

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Visit during: September to March

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Owing to the relatively low influx of tourists at Agonda, there are not many facilities available here; no beachfront stalls and only a few restaurants are located nearby.

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