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City: Malappuram       State: Kerala       Country: India
Malappuram is a district of Kerala state in the southern India. At present Malappuram District consists of 2 revenue divisions, 6 taluks, 135 villages, 14 blocks, 5 municipalities and 100 panchayats. The district lies in northern Kerala, and is bounded on the north by Wayanad and Kozhikode districts, on the northeast by Tamil Nadu, on the southeast and south by Palakkad District, on the southwest by Thrissur District, on the west by the Arabian Sea, and on the northwest by Kozhikode District.The four important rivers of Kerala, flow through Malappuram district. They are Chaliyar (Beypore river), Kadalundipuzha, Bharathapuzha and Tirurpuzha. Chaliyar has a length of 169 km and originates from Illambalieri hills in Tamilnadu, important tributaries of this river are Chalipuzha, Punnapuzha, Pandiyar, Karimpuzha, Cherupuzha and Vadapurampuzha. Chaliyar traverses through Nilambur, Mampad, Edavanna, Areekade, Vazhakkad and flows into the sea at Beypore in Kozhikode district.The district has a population of 3,625,471 (2001 census), and an area of 3550 km², with a population density of 1,022 persons per km². It was formed on June 16, 1969. It is the only district in Kerala with a majority Muslim population.Kadalundipuzha is formed by the confluence of two rivers, the Olipuzha and Veliyar. Olipuzha originates form Cherakomban hill and Veliyar from Erattakomban hill. They flow through the Silent Valley and traverse through Ernad and Valluvanad regions, before flowing into the sea at Kadalundi Nagaram. It passes through places like Melattur, Pandikkad, Malappuram, Pankkad, Parappur, Kooriyad and Tirurangadi. Kadalundipuzha has a circuit course of 130 km.With Nilgiris in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west, Malappuram district presents a treat to the eye. Rich and evergreen forests, ravines, hills and dales, rivers and brookes, sandy surfs and palm fringed coasts, festive mood of the gayful Oonapatt - the district preserves the cultural wealth of the good old days. It has in store, a hoary past with Zamorin's rule, Mamankam festival, Vellattiri’s revenge and the resultant Chaver Pada (suicidal squad), the British rule and indiscriminate oppression of the masses in connivance with exploiting landlords, the National and the Khilafat movement, the Malabar rebellion and the such.The land of great poets and writers, political and religious leaders, this district has carved a place of it’s own in the history of Kerala. The Kings of Valluvanad, the Zamorins, the Kings of Perumpadappu Swarupam and the Kings of Vettathunadu, were the early rulers. The Portuguese, Mysore sultans and the Britishers had their sway over this place, partly or wholly. But the unique social and cultural heritage is preserved.

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Visit during: October to February

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By Air: An international airport is located at Karipur (Calicut Airport), 26 Km away from Malappuram. Flights are available to major Indian cities and to several cities in the Gulf, a traditional trading partner of the region.By Rail: Line through the costal belt runs through several towns situated in Malappuram district such as Tirur, Kuttippuram etc., which are well connected to cities in the north through the newly introduced Konkan Railway line. By Road: The district can also be accessed by road from Kozhikode (50 Km) and Palakkad (90 Km). Malappuram is well connected to all the major towns in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu by an excellent network of national and state highways.

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