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Patal Pani Waterfall

City: Mhow       State: Madhya Pradesh       Country: India
Patal Pani Waterfall is located 36 km from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. This magnificent fall is a popular picnic spot in Indore District. The stream falls from an altitude of 150 ft into a kund. It is said that the bottom of this deep kund reaches Patal (netherworld), hence the name Patal Pani.  

Climate | When to Visit

Waterfall is a best in monsoon months with water gushing down it.In winter it is just a scenic place
Visit during: June to March

Directions | How to Reach

~5 Km from Mhow. It even has a railway station near by.

miscellaneous | Important Information

Recently in July 2011, five people lost there lives when they were standing on the dry bed of the river on top of the waterfall and suddenly rain water gushed in and these people gushed down the waterfall. So when there take extreme precaution. Take Care  

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