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Chakra Teertham

City: Sitapur       State: Uttar Pradesh       Country: India
Chakra Teertham is a holy kund located at Naimisaranya in Sitapur District of Uttar Pradesh. Naimisaranya is the place, where Lord Vishnu flung his chakra (discus) at the demons. Legend says that Lord Brahma's divine chakra fell this pious land (at Naimisaranya) and created this circular pond (teertham). The teertham is considered very holy, and a dip here on Somavati Amavasya is considered to be sacred. A temple dedicated to Lalita Devi is situated nearby. Large numbers of people gather here on new moon days. Some sacred tanks close to this teertham are the Pancha Prayag, the Godavar, Kasi, Gangotri and Gomati. Sandila Railway Station is the nearest railhead. Naimisaranya Bus Station, situated a little off the road, is an eight-minute rickshaw ride from the teertham.

Climate | When to Visit

Visit during: October to March

Directions | How to Reach

By Air:- Nearest Airport is lucknow.By Rail- Sitapur is connected with meter gouge railway line ferom Lucknow to Bareli and broad gaudge railway line is well connected to Gorakhpur and Delhi.By Road- Lucknow- Delhi National Highway No-24 is well linked to Sitapur ditrict.

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