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Calcite Caves of Meghalaya

City: N/A       State: N/A       Country: India
This part of the country receives one of the highest rainfalls in the world.The area beside having such high rainfall is also rich in limestone. These have lead to evolution of some marvelous networks of caves in the Treo hills(Garo.Khasi and Jainti) with beautiful exhibition of stalagmites and stalagsites in these caves. There are more than a 1000 caves in Meghalaya.The longest cave is Krem Laitprah//Um Im-Ladit which is 22.2 Km long and is located in Nongkhlieh Elaka of Jaintia Hills.Caves in East Khasi Hills: Krem Phyllut: Situated in village Mawsmai, south of Cherrapunjee. It has the largest section of fossil passage, two stream ways and three entrances. Length: 1003 m. Krem Mawmluh: It has a five-river passage with impressive proportions. With a length of 4503 m it is the 4th longest cave in the Indian sub- continent. Krem Soh Shympi: It has a large pothole entrance of 20 m deep. Length: 760 m. Krem Dam: The largest sandstone cave in the Sub- continent. Length: 1297 m.Caves in Jaintia Hills: Krem Um- Lawan: A beautiful cave of the Eocone Age with an upper fossil passage and a lower active passage, it has numerous cataracts and waterfalls. It is the Longest and deepest cave in the sub- continent. Krem Kotsati: This cave has 8 entrances with a main entrance through a deep pool. Portions of the beautiful river passage have to be traversed by swimming or by using inflatable rubber boat. Length: 3650 m. Krem Umshangtat: The entrance passage of 350 meters offers a comfortable stroll on moist sand. Length: 955 m. Krem Lashinng: Length: 2650 m. Krem Sweep: It has beautiful stalactites and stalamites. Length: 970 m.Caves in South Garo Hills: Siju Caves: Famous limestone caves, located near the Naphtak lake and Simsang Game Reserve. The formation of stalagmites and stalactites in these caves resemble those of the Blue Grotto in the Isle of Capri. These are the most researched caves in India. Length: 4772 m. Tetengkol Balwakol: The small and insignificant circular entrance of 1 m diameter hides a large cave of 5334 m long which is the 2nd longest in the Indian Sub- continent. Dobhakol Chibe Nala: This cave is eclipsed by a large rock. Length: 1978 m. Bok Bak Dobhakol: A rather complex cave, which would seem to be an intermittently active river sink. Length: 1051 m.

Climate | When to Visit

To have a spectacular view of the many waterfalls in the area prefer june-july month,but keep the in
Visit during: February to March

Directions | How to Reach

The closest you can get to is by rail and air is upto Guwuhati in Assam and then by road to Meghalaya through NH 51,62 and 40.

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